Scoring Summary


1stAckley hit sacrifice fly to center, Castro scored, McCann to third.01
2ndCuthbert homered to left (382 feet), Gordon scored.21
2ndHeadley singled to right, Gregorius scored.22
3rdCain homered to right (356 feet).32
3rdGregorius doubled to center, Beltrán, Ackley and Hicks scored.35
5thCain homered to left (442 feet), Cuthbert and Dyson scored.65
7thAckley singled to left, McCann scored, Ackley to second advancing on throw.66
7thHicks doubled to left, Ackley scored.67
8thCain homered to right (390 feet).77
8thGardner doubled to deep left center, Gamel scored.78
8thMcCann doubled to deep right center, Gardner and Castro scored.710
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