Scoring Summary


1stBeltrán hit sacrifice fly to left, Ellsbury scored.01
2ndGarcía singled to left, Cabrera scored, Lawrie to second.11
3rdEaton homered to right (411 feet).21
3rdCastro reached on infield single to shortstop, Gardner scored, Beltrán to third, Teixeira to second.22
3rdAckley walked, Beltrán scored, Teixeira to third, Castro to second.23
4thEaton sacrificed to first, García scored, Saladino to second.33
4thJackson singled to center, Saladino scored, Jackson to second advancing on throw.43
6thBeltrán homered to left (373 feet), Ellsbury scored.45
7thCabrera doubled to left, Abreu scored, Frazier to third.55
7thHeadley doubled to deep center, Gregorius scored.56
8thMcCann homered to right (356 feet).57
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