Scoring Summary


2ndDavis singled to right, Gomes scored, Byrd to third, Davis to second advancing on throw.01
2ndByrd scored, Davis to third, Santana to second on wild pitch by Simon.02
2ndKipnis singled to center, Davis and Santana scored.04
3rdDavis doubled to deep left center, Ramírez and Chisenhall scored.06
3rdSantana singled to center, Davis scored.07
5thSantana singled to right, Chisenhall scored, Davis to third.08
5thNapoli walked, Davis scored, Santana to third, Kipnis to second.09
5thRamírez walked, Santana scored, Kipnis to third, Napoli to second.010
5thGomes walked, Kipnis scored, Napoli to third, Ramírez to second.011
5thChisenhall walked, Napoli scored, Ramírez to third, Gomes to second.012
6thNapoli singled to right, Davis scored, Santana to third.013
7thDuvall hit sacrifice fly to left, Phillips scored.113
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