Scoring Summary


1stKang grounded into fielder's choice to third, Jaso scored, Polanco safe at third on error by catcher Pierzynski.01
1stCervelli singled to left, Polanco scored, Kang to second.02
1stHarrison singled to center, Kang scored, Cervelli to third, Harrison to second on error by center fielder Smith.03
1stNicasio singled to right, Cervelli scored, Harrison to third, Mercer to second.04
1stJaso doubled to deep right, Harrison and Mercer scored, Nicasio to third.06
1stMcCutchen singled to left, Nicasio scored, Jaso thrown out at home.07
2ndCervelli doubled to left, Polanco scored.08
2ndMercer singled to right, Cervelli scored, Joyce to third.09
3rdSmith homered to right (403 feet), Norris scored.29
3rdBeckham singled to right, Inciarte scored, Markakis to third, Freeman to second.39
5thFreeman grounded into fielder's choice to first, Inciarte scored on throwing error by first baseman Jaso, Markakis safe at third on throwing error by first baseman Jaso.49
5thPierzynski grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Markakis scored, Freeman out at second.59
5thMcCutchen singled to right, Hanson scored, Rodriguez to third.510
5thPolanco grounded out to shortstop, Rodriguez scored, McCutchen to second.511
6thMarkakis singled to right, Brignac scored, Smith to third, Inciarte to second.611
7thBrignac doubled to deep right, Beckham scored.711
7thSmith homered to right (350 feet), Brignac scored.911
7thMcCutchen scored on Cervenka's wild pitch.912
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