Scoring Summary


1stBetts homered to right center (395 feet).10
1stTrumbo singled to right, Jones and Kim scored, Davis to third.12
1stWieters hit sacrifice fly to left, Davis scored.13
1stÁlvarez doubled to deep center, Trumbo scored.14
2ndYoung homered to left (380 feet), Shaw scored.34
2ndBetts homered to left center (370 feet).44
2ndMachado hit sacrifice fly to center, Jones scored, Kim to third.45
3rdOrtiz homered to right (408 feet).55
3rdHanigan singled to center, Shaw and Swihart scored, Young to second.75
3rdSchoop doubled to deep center, Álvarez scored.76
3rdFlaherty singled to center, Schoop scored.77
3rdMachado singled to left, Flaherty scored, Kim to second.78
6thPedroia singled to deep right center, Hanigan scored.88
6thWieters grounded into fielder's choice to second, Davis scored, Trumbo to second.89
6thFlaherty grounded out to second, Wieters scored, Álvarez to third, Schoop to second.810
7thWieters singled to center, Kim and Davis scored, Rickard to third.812
7thSchoop singled to center, Rickard scored, Wieters to second.813
8thYoung homered to left (372 feet).913
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