Scoring Summary

1stMorrison singled to right, Forsythe and Longoria scored.02
1stMotter doubled to left, Morrison scored, Arcia to third.03
1stFranklin doubled to deep right, Arcia and Motter scored.05
3rdJennings homered to left (376 feet).06
3rdFranklin singled to center, Arcia scored.07
3rdForsythe homered to left (420 feet), Casali scored.09
4thBrentz doubled to deep right center, Ortiz and Ramírez scored, Brentz out stretching at third.29
5thOrtiz walked, Betts scored, Pedroia to third, Bogaerts to second.39
5thForsythe doubled to deep center, Motter scored.310
6thHernández reached on infield single to first, Bradley Jr. scored, León to second.410
7thFranklin homered to right (414 feet), Motter scored.412
8thLeón homered to right (359 feet), Brentz scored.612
8thMotter reached on infield single to shortstop, Longoria scored, Arcia to second.613
9thShaw hit sacrifice fly to left, Bogaerts scored.713