Scoring Summary


1stBetts homered to left center (415 feet).01
1stOrtiz singled to deep right, Pedroia scored, Bogaerts to third.02
1stH. Ramírez grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Bogaerts scored, Ortiz out at second.03
3rdBogaerts doubled to deep left center, Betts and Pedroia scored, Bogaerts to third on error by shortstop Núñez.05
3rdBradley Jr. doubled to right, Bogaerts scored, H. Ramírez to third.06
5thGrossman grounded out to second, Kepler scored, Vargas to third.16
5thVargas scored on error by pitcher Wright.26
5thBradley Jr. homered to center (418 feet).27
7thOrtiz singled to right, Pedroia scored, Bogaerts to third.28
7thBradley Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to third, Bogaerts scored, Ortiz out at second.29
8thBetts doubled to deep center, Holt scored.210
8thPedroia doubled to left, Betts scored.211
8thOrtiz homered to right center (440 feet), Brentz scored.213
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