Scoring Summary


1stDozier hit sacrifice fly to right, Grossman scored.10
1stOrtiz hit sacrifice fly to center, Holt scored, Bogaerts to second.11
2ndSuzuki doubled to left center, Rosario scored.21
2ndBuxton reached on bunt single to third, Suzuki scored, Buxton to third on throwing error by third baseman Hill.31
2ndNúñez singled to left, Buxton scored, Núñez out stretching at second.41
2ndPedroia hit a ground rule double to deep right, Martínez scored, Holt to third.42
2ndRamírez homered to left center (393 feet), Pedroia and Ortiz scored.45
4thBradley Jr. doubled to left, Ortiz scored.47
6thBuxton hit sacrifice fly to right, Rosario scored.57
6thBradley Jr. reached on infield single to third, Bogaerts scored, Ortiz to second, Ortiz to third on throwing error by third baseman Sanó.58
7thKepler tripled to deep right, Sanó scored.68
7thVargas doubled to shallow left, Kepler scored.78
7thRosario singled to center, Vargas scored, Rosario to second advancing on throw.88
7thNúñez singled to center, Rosario and Centeno scored, Buxton to third.108
7thOrtiz doubled to left, Pedroia scored, Bogaerts to third.109
8thSanó homered to left center (380 feet).119
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