Scoring Summary


2ndCenteno doubled to deep left center, Kepler and Rosario scored.20
3rdRamírez homered to left center (382 feet), Pedroia and Bogaerts scored.23
4thVargas grounded out to second, Kepler scored.33
5thPedroia homered to left (408 feet).34
5thHill safe at first on error by third baseman Sanó, Bogaerts scored, Ramírez to second.35
5thShaw homered to right (402 feet), Ramírez and Hill scored.38
7thBuxton singled to left, Vargas and Centeno scored.58
8thVargas hit sacrifice fly to left, Sanó scored.68
8thCenteno singled to right, Dozier scored, Kepler to third.78
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