Scoring Summary

1stStanton doubled to left, Gardner scored.10
2ndBradley Jr. doubled to deep left, Kinsler scored.11
4thBird doubled to deep center, Gregorius scored.21
4thTorres homered to right (385 feet), Bird scored. (Breaks single season record for home runs by a team - 265th HR)41
4thBenintendi singled to right center, Swihart scored.42
5thAndújar doubled to left, Wade and Gregorius scored.62
5thRomine singled to center, Andújar scored, Romine to second on throwing error by center fielder Bradley Jr..72
7thStanton homered to left (371 feet).82
8thSwihart grounded out to second, Phillips scored, Moreland to third, Kinsler to second.83
9thHolt homered to right (398 feet), Lin scored.85