Scoring Summary


3rdAlberto singled to center, Wilkerson scored, Martin to second.10
3rdHays doubled to deep left, Martin scored, Alberto to third.20
3rdMancini grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Alberto scored, Hays out at third.30
3rdBetts singled to left, G. Hernández scored, Bradley Jr. to second.31
3rdDevers singled to right, Bradley Jr. scored on error by right fielder Wilkerson, Betts safe at third on error by right fielder Wilkerson.32
6thVázquez singled to left, Bogaerts scored, Moreland to second, Martinez to third.33
7thBogaerts singled to left, Devers scored.34
8thVillar singled to right center, Alberto scored, Mancini to third.44
9thDevers singled to right, Betts scored.45