0-1, 0-1 away
1-0, 1-0 home

Scoring Summary

1stSolak reached on infield single to catcher, Kiner-Falefa scored, Gallo to second, Dahl to third.10
1stLowe doubled to left, Dahl scored, Solak scored and Gallo scored.40
1stWhite singled to center, Lowe scored, Holt to second.50
1stPérez walked, Merrifield scored, Santana to second, Benintendi to third.51
1stBenintendi scored, Pérez to second on passed ball by Trevino, Santana to third on passed ball by Trevino.52
1stIsbel singled to right, Santana scored, Soler to second, Pérez to third.53
1stTaylor singled to center, Pérez scored, Isbel to second, Soler to third.54
1stLopez hit sacrifice fly to center, Soler scored, Isbel to third.55
2ndLowe singled to left, Dahl scored, Gallo to third.65
3rdGallo singled to shallow right center, Kiner-Falefa scored and Trevino scored, Dahl to third.85
3rdTaylor homered to right center (402 feet).86
3rdSantana singled to left, Lopez scored, Merrifield to second.87
4thSoler homered to center (435 feet).88
4thTaylor singled to center, Dozier scored, Isbel to second.89
4thMerrifield hit sacrifice fly to right, Isbel scored, Lopez to second, Taylor to third.810
6thWhite reached on infield single to shortstop, Solak scored, Holt to third.910
7thSoler hit by pitch, Benintendi scored, Pérez to second, Santana to third.911
7thDozier grounded into fielder's choice to third, Santana scored, Soler out at second, Pérez to third.912
7thIsbel reached on infield single to shortstop, Pérez scored, Dozier to second.913
8thMerrifield homered to left (399 feet).914
9thKiner-Falefa scored on Holland wild pitch, Dahl to third on wild pitch by Holland.1014