5-3, 2-0 away
4-4, 0-2 home

Scoring Summary

1stDevers singled to center, Verdugo scored, Bogaerts to second.10
1stBogaerts scored, Devers picked off and caught stealing second.20
1stMancini homered to right center (427 feet).21
1stSantander homered to right center (407 feet).22
6thDevers homered to right center (435 feet).32
8thFranco grounded into fielder's choice to first, Mountcastle scored, McKenna third.33
8thGalvis singled to left, McKenna scored, Franco to second.34
9thDalbec grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Gonzalez scored, Cordero out at second.44
10thChavis scored on Tate wild pitch.54
10thVázquez reached on infield single to third, Verdugo scored, Bogaerts to second.64