Scoring Summary


3rdGarcía homered to right (394 feet).10
6thSolak singled to shallow right, Gallo scored on fielding error by right fielder Walsh, Lowe to second.20
6thCalhoun singled to left, Lowe scored, Calhoun to second, Solak to third.30
6thTrevino hit sacrifice fly to left, Solak scored, Calhoun to third.40
6thCalhoun scored on error, García safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Rengifo.50
6thHolt singled to center, García scored.60
7thUpton homered to right center (375 feet).61
7thPujols singled to left, Walsh scored.62
7thSuzuki singled to right, Pujols scored, Iglesias to third.63
7thIglesias scored on Cody wild pitch, Suzuki to second on wild pitch by Cody.64