29-29, 12-12 away
28-31, 17-12 home

Scoring Summary

1stRiley doubled to deep right center, Albies scored.10
3rdAcuña Jr. homered to left (460 feet).20
3rdNola sacrificed to pitcher, Bohm scored, Torreyes to second.21
4thContreras homered to right center (397 feet).31
4thHarper homered to right (410 feet).32
5thFreeman singled to center, Acuña Jr. scored on error, Freeman safe at second on fielding error by center fielder Herrera.42
5thSegura doubled to deep center, L. Williams scored.43
6thRealmuto homered to right (344 feet).44
6thMiller singled to center, Bohm scored, Torreyes to second.45
8thRiley homered to left center (403 feet).55
8thContreras singled to center, Swanson scored, Almonte to second.65
8thHeredia grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Almonte scored on error, Contreras safe at second on throwing error by pitcher Coonrod.75
8thAcuña Jr. singled to left, Contreras scored and Heredia scored.95