Scoring Summary

2ndGurriel homered to right (315 feet).10
2ndVázquez singled to right, Devers scored, Renfroe to second.11
2ndE. Hernández walked, Renfroe scored, Dalbec to second, Vázquez to third.12
3rdAlvarez doubled to deep center, Bregman scored and Correa scored.32
3rdMartinez homered to center (411 feet).33
3rdVázquez singled to center, Bogaerts scored.34
5thGurriel walked, Straw scored, Alvarez to second, Bregman to third.44
5thTucker doubled to deep center, Bregman scored, Gurriel scored on error and Alvarez scored, Tucker safe at third on fielding error by center fielder E. Hernández.74
5thArroyo homered to left center (437 feet), Devers scored and Vázquez scored.77
6thAltuve homered to left (354 feet).87
6thMartinez hit sacrifice fly, E. Hernández scored, Martinez to first on fielding error by right fielder Tucker.88
6thVázquez hit by pitch, Martinez scored, Renfroe to second, Bogaerts to third.89
6thArroyo walked, Bogaerts scored, Vázquez to second, Renfroe to third.810
6thDalbec doubled to deep left, Renfroe scored and Vázquez scored, Arroyo to third.812