Scoring Summary

2ndHoerner grounded out to shortstop, Bryant scored.10
3rdCarlson doubled to left, Bader scored.11
4thArenado homered to left (406 feet).12
4thBader singled to left, Molina scored, DeJong to third.13
4thOviedo singled to shallow center, DeJong scored, Bader to second.14
6thEdman homered to left (417 feet).15
6thRondón homered to left (405 feet).16
9thAlcántara walked, Wisdom scored, Marisnick to second, Hoerner to third.26
9thRizzo walked, Hoerner scored, Alcántara to second, Marisnick to third.36
9thBáez singled to shallow center, Alcántara scored and Marisnick scored, Rizzo to second.56
9thHapp doubled to right, Báez scored and Rizzo scored.76