Scoring Summary

3rdAlbies tripled to deep center, Fried scored.10
3rdFreeman singled to center, Albies scored.20
4thBell singled to center, Robles scored, Soto to third.21
5thAlbies homered to left (383 feet), Heredia scored.41
5thSwanson singled to center, Soler scored and Freeman scored.61
6thHernández singled to left, Robles scored, Bell to second.62
7thSwanson homered to left center (427 feet), Freeman scored and Riley scored.92
8thSoler grounded into double play, third to second to first, Pederson scored, Albies out at second.102
9thSwanson homered to left (369 feet).112
9thDuvall homered to left (384 feet).122