Scoring Summary

1stArozarena singled to right, Lowe scored.10
1stWendle singled to center, Arozarena scored.20
1stHays singled to shallow center, Mountcastle scored, Stewart to second.21
2ndLuplow homered to left (386 feet).31
3rdMountcastle homered to right (389 feet).32
6thMeadows homered to right (370 feet), Franco scored.52
6thWendle homered to right (393 feet).62
6thMateo homered to center (403 feet), Hays scored.64
7thWendle homered to right (415 feet), Arozarena scored, Franco scored and Meadows scored.104
7thMancini singled to center, Mullins scored, Mountcastle to third.105
7thStewart grounded out to first, Mountcastle scored, Mancini to second.106
8thFranco singled to center, Luplow scored and Kiermaier scored, Franco out stretching at second.126
8thMullins homered to right (395 feet), Wynns scored.128