Scoring Summary

1stConforto singled to shallow left, Villar scored, Lindor to second.01
1stBáez reached on infield single to third, Lindor scored.02
4thO'Neill reached on infield single to shortstop, Goldschmidt scored.12
4thCarlson hit sacrifice fly to right, O'Neill scored.22
5thConforto hit sacrifice fly to left, Stroman scored.23
8thO'Neill homered to center (439 feet), Goldschmidt scored.43
9thBáez homered to left (358 feet).44
11thSosa singled to left, Molina scored, Rondón to second.54
11thKnizner singled to center, Rondón scored and Sosa scored.74
11thAlonso doubled to deep right, Lindor scored.75
11thAlonso scored on error, Pillar safe at first on throwing error by pitcher Kim, McNeil to second.76