Scoring Summary

1stO'Neill doubled to left center, Edman scored and Goldschmidt scored.20
1stCarlson singled to shallow left, O'Neill scored.30
1stBader singled to center, Carlson scored and Sosa scored, Bader to second.50
2ndAlonso homered to left (390 feet).51
3rdMcNeil scored on error, Lindor safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Sosa.52
4thBader homered to left (399 feet).62
6thPillar homered to left (400 feet).63
7thGoldschmidt homered to left center (391 feet).73
7thArenado homered to left (368 feet).83
7thPeraza singled to right center, McNeil scored.84
8thSosa homered to right (380 feet).94
8thGoldschmidt singled to right center, Edman scored.104
8thArenado singled to right center, Goldschmidt scored, O'Neill to second.114