Scoring Summary

1stT. Turner singled to shallow left, Seager scored, T. Turner to second.01
1stMuncy singled to right, T. Turner scored.02
1stPollock homered to left center (384 feet), Muncy scored.04
2ndCaratini homered to left (341 feet).14
2ndSeager doubled to right, Betts scored.15
3rdMachado homered to right center (387 feet), Frazier scored.35
4thFrazier hit a ground rule double to deep right center, Caratini scored, Myers to third.45
4thMyers scored on error, Cronenworth safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Seager, Frazier safe at third on error.55
6thMyers tripled to deep center, Caratini scored.65
7thPham doubled to shallow right, Machado scored, Hosmer to third.75
7thGrisham singled to right, Hosmer scored and Pham scored.95
7thBetts homered to left center (427 feet).96
8thMuncy homered to right center (406 feet).97
8thPollock homered to right (379 feet).98
8thBellinger homered to right (372 feet).99
8thSeager homered to right (384 feet), J. Turner scored.911