Scoring Summary


2ndArcia grounded into fielder's choice to second, Riley scored, Contreras out at second, Ozuna to third.10
2ndBohm singled to right, Realmuto scored, Gregorius to third.11
2ndStott singled to right, Gregorius scored, Bohm to second.12
2ndVierling doubled to deep right, Stott scored and Bohm scored.14
2ndCastellanos homered to right (379 feet), Vierling scored and Hoskins scored.17
3rdSchwarber homered to right (420 feet), Stott scored and Vierling scored.110
3rdHoskins homered to left (397 feet).111
4thHall homered to right (407 feet).112
5thHarris II homered to center (424 feet), Duvall scored.312
7thDuvall homered to left (380 feet).412
8thHall homered to right (373 feet), Herrera scored.414
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