Scoring Summary


1stArenado homered to left (354 feet), Goldschmidt scored.20
1stGorman homered to right (392 feet).30
1stYepez homered to left (353 feet).40
1stCarlson homered to right (407 feet).50
2ndVierling hit sacrifice fly to right, Bohm scored.51
2ndStott reached on infield single to third, Herrera scored, Muñoz to third.52
3rdVierling hit sacrifice fly to center, Realmuto scored.53
3rdMuñoz doubled to deep center, Bohm scored and Herrera scored.55
5thNootbaar walked, Goldschmidt scored, Gorman to second, Arenado to third.65
6thCastellanos singled to left, Stott scored, Hoskins to second.66
9thArenado homered to left (365 feet).76
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