Scoring Summary

2ndHall doubled to first, Castellanos scored.10
3rdRosario reached on infield single to second, Acuña Jr. scored and Harris II scored, Olson to second.12
4thAcuña Jr. reached on infield single to third, Ozuna scored, Acuña Jr. out stretching at second.13
5thRosario doubled to right center, Olson scored.14
5thRosario scored on Knebel wild pitch, Contreras to second on wild pitch by Knebel.15
5thOzuna singled to left, Contreras scored.16
5thArcia homered to left center (415 feet), Ozuna scored.18
5thSwanson singled to center, Harris II scored, Acuña Jr. to third.19
7thOzuna homered to center (445 feet).110
8thRosario singled to right, Olson scored and Swanson scored, Riley to third.112
8thContreras grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Riley scored, Rosario out at second.113