72-57, 33-27 away
60-67, 33-32 home

Scoring Summary

1stHarper doubled to right, Hoskins scored, Bohm to third.10
1stRealmuto grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Bohm scored, Harper safe at third on fielding error by shortstop Perdomo.20
2ndSchwarber singled to right, Stott scored, Vierling to second.30
3rdRealmuto hit sacrifice fly to left, Bohm scored.40
4thSchwarber homered to right (432 feet), Vierling scored and Marsh scored.70
4thRivera doubled to deep right, Marte scored, Walker to third.71
4thGarrett singled to left, Walker scored, Rivera to third.72
4thRivera scored on error, Carroll safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Segura, Garrett to second.73
4thC. Kelly doubled to right, Garrett scored, Perdomo scored and Carroll scored.76
5thMcCarthy hit by pitch, Marte scored, Rivera to second, Walker to third.77
5thCarroll doubled to left center, Walker scored and Rivera scored, McCarthy to third.79
5thC. Kelly singled to right center, McCarthy scored, Perdomo to second, Carroll to third.710
5thMarte walked, Carroll scored, C. Kelly to second, Perdomo to third.711
5thWalker walked, Perdomo scored, Marte to second, C. Kelly to third.712
8thGarrett homered to left (396 feet).713