Scoring Summary


2ndO'Neill homered to left (423 feet).10
2ndEdman doubled to right, Pujols scored and Dickerson scored, Knizner to third.30
2ndNootbaar singled to right, Knizner scored, Nootbaar to second, Edman to third.40
2ndDonovan singled to right, Edman scored and Nootbaar scored.60
3rdPujols homered to right (369 feet), O'Neill scored.80
5thFriedl homered to right (377 feet).81
5thFairchild homered to left (431 feet).82
5thRobinson homered to left (389 feet), Moran scored.84
6thArenado doubled to deep left, Donovan scored and Nootbaar scored.104
6thO'Neill homered to left (403 feet), Arenado scored.124
9thDickerson homered to right (380 feet).134
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