Scoring Summary

1stPerez singled to center, Witt Jr. scored.01
2ndCarpenter homered to right (395 feet).11
3rdReyes tripled to deep right, Baddoo scored.21
3rdBáez doubled to deep right, Reyes scored.31
3rdH. Castro singled to right, Báez scored.41
4thTaylor grounded out to third, Perez scored.42
5thReyes singled to right center, Baddoo scored and Greene scored.62
5thBáez tripled to deep right center, Reyes scored.72
5thH. Castro singled to center, Báez scored.82
7thEaton grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Taylor scored, Pratto to second, Pratto safe at third on error by second baseman H. Castro.83
7thLopez reached on infield single to second, Pratto scored, Eaton to second.84