Scoring Summary

2ndGrandal singled to right center, Sheets scored, Pollock to third.10
2ndHarrison hit sacrifice fly to left, Pollock scored.20
2ndCave singled to right, Miranda scored, Urshela to third.21
2ndWallner doubled to deep right, Cave scored and Urshela scored.23
4thWallner reached on infield single to first, Urshela scored, Cave to third.24
4thJeffers grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Cave scored, Wallner out at second.25
5thAbreu singled to left, Harrison scored, González to second.35
6thCelestino walked, Urshela scored, Wallner to second, Cave to third.36
7thVaughn singled to right, Harrison scored, Andrus to second.46
7thMiranda doubled to deep center, Correa scored.47
8thArráez singled to right, B. Hamilton scored.48