Scoring Summary


1stPujols singled to left center, Goldschmidt scored and Nootbaar scored, Arenado to second.02
1stDickerson homered to right center (433 feet), Arenado scored, Pujols scored and Burleson scored.06
2ndDelay singled to left center, Andújar scored and Castillo scored.26
2ndArenado doubled to deep right center, Donovan scored, Goldschmidt to third.27
2ndBurleson singled to center, Arenado scored and Goldschmidt scored, Pujols to second.29
2ndMolina grounded into double play, second to shortstop to third, Pujols scored, Dickerson out at second, Burleson out at third.210
8thMitchell scored on error, Bae safe at first on fielding error by shortstop DeJong.310
8thCarlson singled to left, Donovan scored and Nootbaar scored.312
8thCarlson scored on error, Burleson safe at first on error by first baseman Castillo, DeLuzio safe at third on error.313
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