Scoring Summary


1stThompson hit sacrifice fly to center, Freeman scored, J. Turner to third.01
2ndHummel hit a ground rule double to deep left, Marte scored.11
3rdVarsho homered to right (383 feet).21
4thVarsho singled to left, Thomas scored.31
5thWalker homered to left (384 feet).41
5thThomas singled to left center, Rojas scored on throwing error by left fielder Vargas, Thomas to third.51
8thBarnes homered to left (394 feet), Vargas scored.53
8thSmith singled to center, Alberto scored, J. Turner to second, Freeman to third.54
8thThompson reached on infield single to third, Freeman scored, Smith to second, J. Turner to third.55
8thVargas reached on infield single to shortstop, J. Turner scored, Thompson to second, Smith to third.56
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