Scoring Summary


1stRefsnyder homered to left (408 feet).10
1stDíaz homered to center (434 feet).11
4thHernández grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Turner scored, Dalbec out at second, Casas to third.21
5thTurner singled to center, Arroyo scored.31
5thMejía singled to right, Ramírez scored, J. Lowe to second.32
5thB. Lowe singled to center, J. Lowe scored, Mejía to third.33
5thArozarena singled to right, Mejía scored, B. Lowe to second.34
5thMargot reached on bunt single to pitcher, B. Lowe scored, Franco to second, Arozarena to third.35
5thRamírez doubled to left, Arozarena scored, Margot scored and Franco scored.38
7thB. Lowe homered to right center (399 feet).39
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