Scoring Summary


1stGoldschmidt homered to left (403 feet).01
2ndNootbaar reached on infield single to shortstop, O'Neill scored, Motter to second, Carlson to third.02
3rdRojas singled to left, Moreno scored, Rojas out stretching at second.12
4thWalker doubled to center, Gurriel Jr. scored.22
4thAhmed doubled to left, Walker scored and Longoria scored, McCarthy to third.42
4thMoreno homered to center (399 feet), McCarthy scored and Ahmed scored.72
6thCarlson doubled to center, O'Neill scored.73
7thLongoria singled to left, Rojas scored, Gurriel Jr. to second.83
7thContreras homered to left center (441 feet).84
9thBurleson grounded out to second, Nootbaar scored, Goldschmidt to third.85
9thContreras homered to right (353 feet), Goldschmidt scored.87
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