Scoring Summary


1stKelenic singled to right, Crawford scored, France to third.10
2ndCrawford reached on infield single to second, Murphy scored, Caballero to second, Pollock to third.20
2ndFrance walked, Pollock scored, Crawford to second, Caballero to third.30
2ndRodríguez singled to left, Caballero scored and Crawford scored, France to third.50
2ndKelenic grounded into fielder's choice to first, France scored on throwing error by shortstop Báez, Rodríguez out at second.60
5thRogers homered to left (402 feet), Cabrera scored.62
7thHernández singled to left, Rodríguez scored, Suárez to second.72
9thRodríguez homered to right (347 feet), France scored.92
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