Scoring Summary


1stSoler homered to left (436 feet).10
2ndBailey homered to left center (423 feet).11
3rdSoler singled to right, Berti scored.21
3rdEstrada doubled to left, Johnson scored.22
3rdDavis homered to center (433 feet), Estrada scored.24
4thFortes homered to left (397 feet).34
5thSoler singled to left, Edwards scored, Berti to third.44
6thHaniger singled to right, Davis scored.45
6thBailey sacrificed to pitcher, Haniger scored, Schmitt to second.46
8thSchmitt singled to left, Haniger scored.47
9thBerti reached on infield single to catcher, Wendle scored on throwing error by catcher Bailey.57
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