Scoring Summary


3rdGrichuk singled to right, Blackmon scored, McMahon to third.01
3rdCastro singled to center, McMahon scored, Grichuk to third.02
4thPham doubled to center, Alonso scored and Marte scored.22
4thEscobar singled to left, Pham scored, Canha to second.32
4thÁlvarez homered to left (420 feet), Canha scored and Escobar scored.62
4thMcMahon doubled to center, Blackmon scored, Bryant scored and Profar scored.65
4thGrichuk doubled to left, McMahon scored.66
5thWynns doubled to center, Tovar scored.67
5thBlackmon homered to right (374 feet), Wynns scored.69
5thMcMahon homered to center (437 feet), Bryant scored.611
7thLindor homered to center (435 feet).711
9thPham tripled to center, McNeil scored and Marte scored.911
9thBaty grounded out to first, Pham scored.1011
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