Scoring Summary


1stCandelario doubled to left, Thomas scored.01
1stDickerson hit sacrifice fly to center, Candelario scored.02
2ndCall singled to right, Abrams scored.03
2ndCandelario doubled to right, Call scored and García scored.05
2ndMeneses singled to left, Candelario scored.06
4thCastellanos homered to right center (380 feet).16
4thGarcía homered to left (366 feet).17
6thCastellanos homered to center (396 feet), Stott scored.37
6thMarsh singled to left, Turner scored.47
7thCastellanos singled to center, Schwarber scored and Stott scored, Harper to third.67
8thSchwarber grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Marsh scored on throwing error by shortstop Abrams, Sosa out at second.77
8thThomas singled to center, Call scored.78
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