Scoring Summary


1stMoustakas doubled to right, Ohtani scored and Rengifo scored.20
4thBáez singled to right, Vierling scored.21
5thWard hit sacrifice fly to left, Velazquez scored.31
5thEscobar singled to left, Ohtani scored, Moustakas to second.41
5thRogers homered to left.42
9thRengifo tripled to right, Velazquez scored.52
9thWard singled to left, Rengifo scored.62
9thRogers singled to center, Báez scored, Maton to second.63
9thGreene doubled to right, Maton scored, Rogers to third.64
9thTorkelson hit a ground rule double, Greene scored and Rogers scored.66
10thMoniak doubled to right, Moustakas scored.76
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