Scoring Summary


3rdCampusano homered to center (421 feet), Choi scored.02
3rdTatis Jr. doubled to center, Kim scored and Grisham scored.04
3rdMachado hit sacrifice fly to center, Tatis Jr. scored.05
4thPeralta doubled to right, Freeman scored, Muncy to third.15
4thHeyward doubled to right, Muncy scored and Peralta scored.35
4thRojas singled to center, Heyward scored, Outman to second, Hernández to third.45
4thBetts homered to left center (396 feet), Hernández scored, Outman scored and Rojas scored.85
6thHernández homered to left center (396 feet).95
6thSmith singled to right, Outman scored, Freeman to second, Rojas to third.105
6thMuncy doubled to right, Rojas scored and Freeman scored, Smith to third.125
6thPeralta hit sacrifice fly to center, Smith scored.135
6thCampusano singled to left, Cronenworth scored, Campusano out stretching at second.136
9thCampusano homered to left center (396 feet).137
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