Scoring Summary


1stWallner tripled to right, Julien scored, Kepler scored and Lewis scored.03
1stJeffers singled to right, Wallner scored.04
2ndGarver homered to left center (389 feet).14
7thCorrea homered to left (414 feet).15
7thJeffers reached on infield single to second, Lewis scored, Wallner to second.16
7thSolano singled to center, Wallner scored, Jeffers to second.17
7thJulien homered to center (435 feet), Jeffers scored and Solano scored.110
8thLowe singled to center, Seager scored.210
8thKepler homered to right center (396 feet).211
8thSolano singled to left, Wallner scored, Jeffers to second.212
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