Scoring Summary


1stArraez homered to right (375 feet).10
1stSánchez walked, Bell scored, De La Cruz to second, Chisholm Jr. to third.20
1stBerti walked, Chisholm Jr. scored, Sánchez to second, De La Cruz to third.30
1stThomas homered to left (431 feet).31
5thSmith doubled to left, Vargas scored.32
5thYoung singled to center, Smith scored.33
5thThomas singled to center, Young scored.34
6thSánchez scored on error, Wendle safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Vargas, Wendle safe at second on error, Berti safe at third on error.44
9thChisholm Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to first, Arraez scored on throwing error by shortstop Abrams, Burger out at second.54
9thDe La Cruz singled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored, De La Cruz out stretching at second.64
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