Scoring Summary


1stCanzone walked, Crawford scored, Hernández to second, Rodríguez to third.10
1stFrance singled to center, Hernández scored and Rodríguez scored, Canzone to second.30
1stParedes doubled to left, Arozarena scored on fielding error by left fielder Canzone.31
2ndRodríguez homered to left (373 feet).41
5thB. Lowe doubled to right, Walls scored and Aranda scored.43
7thWalls singled to center, Aranda scored, Walls to second.44
7thDíaz doubled to left, Walls scored.45
8thSuárez scored on Stephenson wild pitch, Haggerty to second on wild pitch by Stephenson.55
9thDíaz homered to right (364 feet), Walls scored.57
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