Scoring Summary


3rdBell singled to right, Fortes scored, Soler to second, Arraez to third.01
3rdChisholm Jr. homered to center (417 feet), Arraez scored, Soler scored and Bell scored.05
5thHampson walked, Chisholm Jr. scored, Sánchez to second, Burger to third.06
6thArraez singled to center, Fortes scored, Arraez to second.07
6thSoler homered to left (411 feet), Arraez scored.09
6thHampson grounded into fielder's choice to third, Chisholm Jr. scored, Sánchez to second, Burger out at third.010
7thArraez singled to center, Fortes scored.011
7thBurger homered to left center (446 feet), Bell scored and Chisholm Jr. scored.014
8thOzuna homered to left (391 feet).114
8thHarris II singled to right, d'Arnaud scored.214
8thFortes homered to left (378 feet).215
8thBerti singled to left, Stallings scored, Gurriel to third.216
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