Scoring Summary


1stDuvall homered to left center (443 feet), Turner scored and Verdugo scored.30
2ndDalbec homered to center (427 feet).40
2ndHeim homered to right (375 feet), Jung scored and García scored.43
2ndGarver homered to right center (404 feet).44
2ndSemien singled to center, Taveras scored and Carter scored.46
3rdTaveras singled to left, Heim scored, Garver to second.47
3rdSemien walked, Garver scored, Carter to second, Taveras to third.48
4thGarcía doubled to center, Lowe scored, Jung to third.49
4thTaveras hit sacrifice fly to center, Jung scored, Garver to second, García to third.410
5thSeager doubled to left, Semien scored.411
5thJung homered to center (408 feet), Seager scored.413
6thCarter homered to right (387 feet), Taveras scored.415
9thRafaela singled to center, Yoshida scored, Dalbec to third.515
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