Scoring Summary


1stCaminero doubled to center, Aranda scored.10
1stJ. Lowe singled to right, Caminero scored, Paredes to second.20
1stMargot singled to center, Paredes scored, Mead to second, J. Lowe to third.30
3rdMargot singled to left, J. Lowe scored, Mead to second.40
3rdWalls grounded out to second, Mead scored, Margot to third.50
3rdPinto homered to center (424 feet), Margot scored.70
5thValdez homered to right center (411 feet), Abreu scored and Dalbec scored.73
6thAbreu doubled to left, Story scored and Yoshida scored.75
7thTurner singled to center, Duvall scored.76
8thH. Ramírez grounded out to second, Margot scored, Tapia to third.86
8thAranda singled to right, Tapia scored.96
8thValdez doubled to left, Story scored, Dalbec to third.97
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