Scoring Summary


1stMartini homered to right center (390 feet), Friedl scored and Encarnacion-Strand scored.30
2ndBenson tripled to right, De La Cruz scored.40
2ndIndia homered to left center (389 feet), Benson scored.60
2ndSteer homered to left (382 feet).70
3rdPalacios homered to right (373 feet), Fermín scored.72
4thMarte homered to left center (398 feet).82
4thFriedl doubled to right, Benson scored, India to third.92
4thEncarnacion-Strand homered to left (418 feet), India scored and Friedl scored.122
4thStephenson homered to left center (428 feet), Martini scored.142
8thFairchild scored on throwing error by shortstop Winn and India scored, Stephenson safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Winn, Stephenson safe at second on error, Senzel safe at third on error.162
8thDe La Cruz tripled to center, Senzel scored and Stephenson scored.182
8thMarte reached on infield single to third, De La Cruz scored on error, Marte safe at second on throwing error by third baseman Fermín.192
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