Scoring Summary

1stVientos reached on infield single to second, Alonso scored, Almonte to second.10
2ndGuillorme singled to center, Cedrola scored, Locastro to third.20
3rdDonovan homered to center right (396 feet), Winn scored.22
4thCedrola scored on Stratton wild pitch, Locastro stole second.32
4thGuillorme doubled to center, Locastro scored.42
5thDonovan reached on infield single to first, Herrera scored, Winn to third.43
5thNootbaar doubled to right, Winn scored, Donovan to third.44
5thCarlson doubled to center, Donovan scored, Gorman scored and Nootbaar scored.47
7thL. Baker scored on a balk, Yepez to third on a balk.48
7thGomez singled to left, Yepez scored.49
8thL. Baker homered to left (379 feet), Motter scored and V. Scott scored.412
9thLugo homered to center (437 feet).512
9thMauricio homered to center right (413 feet), Baty scored.712