Scoring Summary


2ndWaters homered to left center.10
2ndM. Duffy singled to center, Taveras scored, Huff to second.11
2ndHuff scored on Brentz wild pitch, Duran to second, M. Duffy to third.12
2ndCarter hit sacrifice fly to center, M. Duffy scored.13
4thLoftin doubled to center, Massey scored.23
5thHill doubled to right, Carter scored, Langford to third.24
7thGray singled to left, Jensen scored, Fitzgerald to second, Gray to second, Fitzgerald safe at third on fielding error by left fielder Harris.34
7thTresh hit sacrifice fly to right, Fitzgerald scored, Gray to third.44
7thHarris singled to right, E. Hernández scored.45
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