Scoring Summary


6thPhillips singled to left, Payton scored, Phillips to second.01
6thJiménez singled to left, Phillips scored.02
7thYoung hit sacrifice fly to center, Clase scored.12
7thTaylor homered to left center.22
7thLee homered to left center, Elko scored.24
7thPhillips hit sacrifice fly to center, Rodriguez scored.25
8thClase doubled to left, Windish scored, Hunt to third.35
8thHunt scored on error and Clase scored on error, Packard safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Shewmake.55
8thLee singled to right, Shewmake scored.56
9thA. Rodriguez singled to left, Rodden scored on error, A. Rodriguez safe at second on throwing error by left fielder Phillips, A. Rodriguez safe at third on throwing error by pitcher Coffey.66
9thWindish singled to center, A. Rodriguez scored.76
9thQuero singled to left, Payton scored and Sosa scored, Pérez to second.78
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