Scoring Summary


2ndRengifo tripled to center, Moustakas scored and Escobar scored.20
2ndNeto singled to center, Rengifo scored.30
2ndOhtani homered to left (383 feet), Neto scored.50
3rdTorkelson grounded out to third, Short scored, Vierling to second.51
3rdCarpenter singled to right, Vierling scored.52
4thEscobar homered to right (350 feet).62
4thOhtani homered to center (435 feet).72
6thRenfroe homered to left (395 feet).82
7thMcKinstry scored on error, Vierling safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Neto.83
8thMcKinstry singled to center, Báez scored, Rogers thrown out at third.84
9thThaiss singled to right, Moniak scored and Stefanic scored, Ward to third.104
9thRenfroe singled to center, Ward scored, Thaiss to second.114
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